It’s Christmas time in Madrid!

And once again it is Christmas time in Madrid, like in the rest of the world. Lights, presents, delicious food (and extra kilos to be gained!), Christmas markets and, of course, events and many, many cool things to do in the capital of Spain. Read our blog article to...

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Food Markets in Madrid

Ask yourself this question: is there something on this planet that is more fun than eating delicious food? No worries, we have the answer for you: there isn't! And what better place to eat, eat and eat some more than Madrid! Read the second article of our Mad4You Blog...

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Mad4You Hostel´s First Blog Article

Because this is our first article we want to explain you a little bit about what this blog is all about. Here, at Mad4You Hostel, we meet so many fantastic people and experience a lot of funny, surprising and also strange things. We want to share these things with you...

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