About Us

At Mad4You Hostel in Madrid, Spain, we receive hundreds of guests every week. For us, each interaction is unique and special.

At the beginning we spend little time with our recently arrived guests; we register their passport, receive the payment and share the most important information about the hostel with them.

It seems short, but it creates a connection…

People say that you only have one chance to make a first impression and, at Mad4You Hostel, we assure that this first impression for our guests is special. After, we do our best to offer our guests all the support they need before-, during- and after their stay.


Mad4You Hostel is a quality accommodation with affordable prices, while maintaining the true spirit of a hostel. Our friendly staff is always available with tips and information, assuring our guests will have the best stay possible in Madrid.


Mad4You Hostel opened its doors in October 2013, after a complete renovation of the interior of the building. The building of the hostel is an original corrala, which was built in the 17th century and consists of balconies overlooking an interior open-air patio.


At Mad4You Hostel we work with a small team consisting of friendly people. Amongst the team we divide the tasks in a way that the hostel goes like clockwork. Mad4You Hostel has one General Manager, 5 receptionists (each responsible for their own department) and three persons responsible for breakfast, cleaning and maintenance.