Madrid is a city that never sleeps and seeing the capital can be a very exciting experience. However, we want to propose you in this blog a new way to explore this city and what better way to do it with plans that are out of the ordinary. Take note and write down the following six activities that will make your experience in Madrid unforgettable.


Do you feel like enjoying a different plan? We suggest Sing Along. During the viewing of musical films, the songs will be subtitled. There will be several animators who will teach the public the choreographies and lyrics, so that you act throughout the featured film. The viewer can watch a classic movie while enjoying the experience of singing and dancing the themes of the movie. Nobody is obliged to sing, but we do want to let you know that you will start humming the lyrics and afterwards you will be singing nonstop! In short, we could say it is a party of musical cinema, but with Karaoke.


If singing is not your thing, but you rather find a plan that is intriguing, different and fun, this activity is for you!

Mystery Games are like live Cluedo. On a night of Cluedo everything is allowed, like lying, stealing, spying and of course killing! Just for fun, of course. In the scenes, organized by Mystery games, every chalet, hotel, floor, hotel or castle is the perfect place for the game and for the killer to hide. A few days before the event, you will receive your card with the background information of your character, interpretation advice, clothing and information about the rest of the players. Three aspects are very important in this game: choose your allies well, betray your allies when you need to and wait for the right moment to use the evidence you find. To make a reservation you must call in advance. It is a unique experience that you will enjoy to the fullest!


The Amazonia Adventure Park in Madrid is located in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama. The park has ninety-nine games in the trees and twenty-five zip lines for adults and children, divided into six circuits. Before starting the game, everyone is given a small training of approximately twenty minutes. At this time, you will learn how to use carabiners and pulleys, so your safety is 100% guaranteed. It is a perfect plan for large groups, families, children or even as a couple. The ideal plan to do something different, which includes sports, outdoors and lots of adrenaline! Are you already looking forward to trying this park?


This activity cannot be missing in our list. Especially chosen for those who love food, but with a twist. Are you intrigued?

Dans Le Noir is one of the most curious restaurants in Madrid. It makes you sharpen all your senses except one; your sight, because you will dine completely in the dark. At this restaurant you can taste, touch, smell and even listen to the delicious dishes that the chef will cook during your experience. You will be served by waiters, who are blind or visually impaired, who will guide you throughout the experience. Will you be able to distinguish between veal or pork? That is  the game when dining at this restaurant, where all your senses will be tested.


We propose this original sport for people without fear of anything. We are talking about the most modern and spectacular trampoline park in Madrid. It is a space with the size of between 1.000 and 2.500 square meters with dozens of trampolines, both vertical and horizontal, on which you can perform pirouettes, acrobatic jumps and different games that combine elasticity, balance and agility. This trampoline park is fit is for everyone, with its numerous trampolines on which you can move, compete and get fit. And you do not have to be an expert, just jump and have a great time!


In this club they have a different way of preparing drinks, or rather, you have to prepare it yourself and experiment with various combinations of drinks. This is just what WelkHome Club wants to offer. Located in the Chamberí neighborhood, they want you to feel at home and for you to have the perfect drink (made by you, of course), paying for the weight of the liquid ingredients you use. The waiter leaves you the bottle at the beginning and weighs it at the end, the difference is what you pay. You can enjoy craft drinks and hard-to-acquire brands. This plan offers something different and unique in the big city, that allows eliminating some of the barriers we find in conventional cocktail bars, such as a shorter waiting time to be served. In addition, this club runs away from commercial brands and prefers to offer exotic and artisanal products. In WelkHome Club there are no waiters but there are hosts who can advise you, so do not worry and explore your inner creativity as a barman!

You are coming to the end of the blog article of this month. We hope that you enjoyed the post, learning about great plans that you can enjoy during your visit, but most of all we hope we have made you enthusiastic to come to Madrid and enjoy our wonderful- and vibrant city.

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