Although Madrid is a busy city full of wonderful buildings, it also has interesting green spaces which are perfect to practice sport, such as walking, running or cycling. This list presents some of the best Parks and gardens in the city, ideal places to embrace good habits. So, what are you waiting for? You can practice any kind of sport in Madrid at no cost and without being limited by four walls.

So, get ready, set, ¡GO! Because our list is about to start.

Dehesa de la Villa Park

Juan Carlos I Park

Juan Carlos I Park is the main municipal park in Madrid. Although it is less “rural” than Dehesa de la Villa, it is almost as large. It is suitable for all type of runners, for experienced as well as for amateurs. It is not largely visited by travelers for not being in the center, but very popular among locals since it is very suitable for sports: jogging, biking, skating, even canoeing on the massive lake. And the best is to come: they have free bike rental service! What is better than that? It is only necessary to present the identity document at the collection point and return it within one hour. But if you feel like, instead of biking, you can go on the Little train that passes through the park for free. Do you need any more reasons to visit this park?

Canillejas Park

Known as the green treasure of Canillejas, situated in the center of the neighbourhood called Canillejas. It is one of the most favorite parks among the expert runners. There are always quite a few athletes who meet there to practice sports and, although the route is not the longest, it is perfect to improve your resistance. It is characterized by its corridors protected by pergolas covered with climbing plants, perfect for those sunny days. It has two children´s areas and a large esplanade where an outdoor auditorium is located. It is an ideal place to spend the afternoon in search of some peace from the bustling city. Check it out!

Parque forestal de la Cuña Verde de O’Donnell

Well known by the residents of the District of Moratalaz and Ciudad Lineal, this large forest park extends from O´Donnell and reaches the outskirts of the Almudena cemetery and Fuente Carrantona of Moratalaz Street. It is the ideal park for walking, running, cycling or going with children as it has recreational places and many fountains. What is most surprising is the Green Wedge auditorium from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and watch the sunset. We recommend you to take some healthy snacks with you after a hard workout and enjoy it there peacefully!

Parque del Oeste

Parque del Oeste is another park in the city center located near Plaza de España that extends into the university area. This park has almost one hundred hectares situated very close to the Temple of Debod, one of the must-see sights of Madrid. This park has an amazing landscape, perfect for anyone who likes to practice any type of sport through lush trees. It has dirt tracks, but also many slopes, something that makes the training more challenging. If sports aren´t your thing, there is much more to do there. There is a Rose Garden, an area full of national and international flowers. And you can´t miss the monument of Juan Villanueva, one of the most Majestic fountains in Madrid. Also, it is a super cool place to take a photo for your Instagram!

Anillo Verde de Madrid

If you love biking, in Madrid you can enjoy the “Green Cycling Ring”, a wide circuit that surrounds the entire capital. This place is perfect if sport is your thing. For what? It has several rest areas with benches, many fountains and even gym equipment. It has sixty-four kilometers in length with a slope of just over three hundred and ten meters that can be covered in an approximate three to five hours.  You don´t have a bike? No worries! In Madrid, it is increasingly common to see cyclists touring the city at full speed through the main streets. So, you will find quite a few bike rental shops along your way.

Retiro Park

This park could not miss out in our monthly list. Why? The Retiro is one of the best parks in the center of Madrid for locals and visitors! Its more than a hundred and twenty-five hectares makes it the perfect place for exercise lovers. You will find people walking, skating, cycling, playing sports, picnicking or even sunbathing. There is no sport that can not be practiced in one of the most beautiful parks in the capital in which many people go to do their favorite training. You can even visit its artificial lake where you can rent small boats to row in it, perfect to work out your arm muscles!

Casa de campo

For the grand finale, the place where you can run until you get disorientated: Casa de Campo. It is much larger than Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London. It has even got a theme park and a zoo. Bars and restaurants are concentrated in the lake area; therefore, many people go for walks. It is one of the most favorite parks for outdoors sports in Madrid (although there is also a large sports complex in this massive park). Not everyone is into sports, so for many it is the popular spot for picnics and celebrations with friends. There are one thousand and eight hundred hectares to discover, so we could say that there is plenty of space for everyone. Check it out four yourself!

Now that you know the best places in Madrid to practice your favorite sport, don´t forget to check them out next time you come to visit Madrid. Also, there are many groups of runners in all the Parks above mentioned, an aspect that is motivating and you can even join an open training run by these groups.  And remember, if you want to have a good rest after a hard workout, come to Mad4You Hostel and enjoy our facilities, located in the heart of Madrid. We will be waiting for you!

You are coming to the end of this blog article this month. We hope that we have entertained you, taught you and, most of all, made you enthusiastic to come to Madrid and see some of the best places where you can practice your favorite sport.

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