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This month we gathered a list of the places that you must see in the country side of Madrid. Whether you want to go hiking or just want to escape from the chaos of the city centre of the capital city, here are your options:

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

We are pretty sure that you have heard of “El Escorial” and maybe it is already on your bucket list.

It is a must-see if you want to get to know Madrid thoroughly, because let´s accept one thing: Madrid is more than just Puerta de Sol and Gran Via! So, spare some of your precious time and hop on the bus, number 661 at Moncloa bus station, to explore this beautiful monastery.

It is a historical residence of the king of Spain and was declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1984.

El Escorial consists of a library, Basilica, a courtyard (aka Courtyard of the kings), gardens and the Real Crypt, where all the kings of Spain, since Carlos I, are buried.

Buitrago de Lozoya

What if we told you that a small Picasso Museum is hidden in this town of Madrid? Yes, it is correct! Thanks to Eugenio Arias, who was a friend of Picasso, you can enjoy some pieces of art of Picasso from the special collection of Arias.

Apart from the artsy part of the town, you can visit the Castle of Buitrago de Lozoya, which is an example of gothic architecture!

The walls, that still protect Buitrago de Lozoya, were built in the 11th century, in the Muslim era, and rebuilt several centuries later.


Patones de Arriba

This charming town, located in the northeast of the Community of Madrid, is almost exclusively constructed in black slate, that is why it is associated with “Arquitectura Negra”.

Our suggestion is to take a break, clear your mind and go for a hike in this beautiful small town, which is surrounded by so many hiking trails!

To get to Patones de Arriba you have to take a bus, number 197 or 197A, that leaves from Plaza de Castilla. Make sure to check the schedules, as the frequency of the buses may change.


Have you ever heard of the Festival of Chinchón? If you are a fan of anise and wine, you might want to check it out. The festival is organized annually, at the end of March, in this small town of Madrid, Chinchón. The town is famous for its anisette liquor, known as “Chinchón”.

We are sure you are familiar with the Plaza Mayor in the city centre of Madrid, but we recommend you to also visit the mini Plaza Mayor of Chinchón mini Plaza Mayor, where you can find many restaurants and try delicious local food.

Also, it is very easy to get there by bus. The bus 337 leaves from Conde de Casal every 30 minutes, or every hour depending if it is a weekday or weekend, and the trip takes around 45 minutes.

We are sure that we have made you curious and that you will be planning a day trip to this beautiful and small town very soon!

Manzanares El Real

We are taking you to the north of Madrid, to another small town called Manzanares El Real, which is known for its beautiful castle called Mendoza Castle.

The castle has been named as a National Historical Monument.

To get there you have to take the bus, number 724, from the bus station at Plaza de Castilla in Madrid. The direction of the bus is Manzanares-El Boalo.

Puebla de la Sierra

If you decide to visit Puebla de la Sierra, you will have the chance to experience an extraordinary day in a very small town. Away from the chaos and crowd of the city, you will have a relaxing day, like a local, in Puebla de la Sierra.

Getting to Puebla de la Sierra from the centre by bus is a bit tricky as there is no direct bus. So, we suggest you rent a car instead.


For lovers of hiking, Cercedilla is a definitely good option! It is a one-hour trip from the centre of Madrid and worth a visit.

If you are visiting during summertime, you must check the natural swimming pool it has, which we included in one of our posts before (the blog-post of June 2018).

You can go either by bus or train. But our suggestion is to take the train, as the trip is shorter and cheaper than by bus. From Chamartín train station, you get your round ticket for 8€ and voila!


Okay okay, we know that it is not a town, but we do not want you to miss the chance to get to know Aranjuez and its beautiful Royal Palace and gardens.

Aranjuez is also famous for its strawberries! Actually, there is a train called “El tren de la fresa” that leaves from Madrid to Aranjuez every weekend in spring. The traditionally dressed hostesses on the train give away strawberries (yum!) during this extraordinary trip.

You can get on the train (Cercanias), from the Chamartin train station, that runs with a frequency of every 30-45 minutes. And in one hour you will be at the Aranjuez train station.

After reading our blog, hopefully you will take a day trip to one of these beautiful towns of Madrid and thank us later.

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