You may have never heard of the word itself and that is not surprising! Therefore, let us explain you first what it means. Basically, a coffice (coffee house-office) is a café which has a quiet environment to work or study in. It is a concept that is becoming more and more popular in Madrid as there are so many expats, foreigners and Erasmus students coming every day. As you can imagine, what they need is a quiet coffee house with wifi to work, without the fear of being kicked out after the first 3 hours spent with just one or maybe two cups of coffee.

To have a quiet moment for reading, studying, working, language exchange, have a small class… Whatever the reason is, this list will come in handy, dears!

Here are the best ones in town:

La Piscine (Calle de Campoamor, 5)

 If you are having trouble working from home, this is your place! La piscine is a cafetería fully adapted for you to work-, study- or even have a meeting or class while enjoying some snacks and drinks. Sounds like a good deal, right? And the prices are quite reasonable: 4€ per hour, 20€ per day, 35€ for 10 hours and 99€ per month. So literally, you pay for the time you spend there.

Also, you have the option to work in groups or individually. The best part is that they provide a copy service for free and limitless snacks.

Lolina Vintage Café (Calle del Espíritu Santo, 9)

Prepare your time machines! Once you step into Lolina, you will feel like a star from the 80s. As you can tell from the name, it is decorated in vintage from tip to toe. So chic, so hipster!

This cute cafe is only 5 minutes walking distance from Mad4You Hostel. We need to add that they do not offer specifically a work place, or a paid service like in La Piscine, but they do have a quiet atmosphere that might be all you need in the end. Their menu consists of mostly drinks, as well as some snacks (cakes, croissants etc.). We recommend you check especially their healthy and tasty brunch.

Café de la luz (Calle de la Puebla, 8)

Another cozy café in Malasaña that you should visit in case home is not an option to work.

Making a reservation is not required, so you can just show up and get a table if there is no waiting line. The decoration of the café is the cutest, which adds to the coziness! We know that that helps a lot when you are dealing with a boring study/work session!

The mini-brunch that they offer costs only 10,90€. You can also try burritos, cakes and some refreshing cocktails.

Tipos Infames (Calle de San Joaquín, 3)

Books and wine, anyone? This place is not your regular coffeeshop. It is a book-shop and wine-café, where you can sip your wine meanwhile searching for books. We cannot think of a better (and more quiet) place than Tipos Infames to do some work on your computer. Plus, the staff is the kindest!

Toma Café (Calle de la Palma, 49)

Toma Café has a special place in our hearts. <3 Our former guests should know why! But for the ones who have not visited us yet; It is our “just around the corner” coffee house where the coffee is the best in town.

The moment you enter Toma Café, you will notice that it is made for freelancers with Macbooks (you know what we mean). We cannot think of a better atmosphere, the delicious coffee smell, good music and fellow freelancers around so that you will not feel lonely.


We hope that our post helps those who have difficulty in working or studying from home!

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