Ask yourself this question: is there something on this planet that is more fun than eating delicious food? No worries, we have the answer for you: there isn’t! And what better place to eat, eat and eat some more than Madrid! Read the second article of our Mad4You Blog and find out everything there is to know about food markets in Madrid.

Mad4You Hostel Blog Article 2 – November 2015 – Food Markets in Madrid


Ask yourself this question: is there something on this planet that is more fun than eating delicious food? No worries, we have the answer for you: there isn’t! We need food to survive and to be healthy (or sometimes very unhealthy). But we, at Mad4You Hostel believe that eating good food is an important task to obtain a joyful life. And what better place to eat, eat and eat some more than Madrid!


At Mad4You Hostel we are very much big travelers, who are, if we are not taking excellent care of our guests, travelling all over the world. Only in 2015 we were in Holland, Italy, all over Spain of course, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Cuba, Canada, Indonesia, Argentina, Chili and I am sure I am forgetting some places. If we are travelling we are always looking for the best local places to eat but we have to be honest and confess that we did not find any place where the food is as good as in Madrid. If you want you can eat here all day. In the morning you go for breakfast and for around €2,50 you can get a delicious and complete breakfast with for example coffee, fresh orange juice and toasted bread with freshly grated tomato and olive oil or for example a Spanish potato omelet. Around noon it’s time for the Spanish « aperitivo » and that’s when alcohol can be ordered (thank god for aperitivo time) accompanied with little snacks, such as tapas and pintxos. Around 2pm the Spaniards have lunch. And when we say lunch, we mean a 3 hour lunch with everything your heart desires. First course and main course accompanied with the finest Spanish wines, desert, coffee and, to finalize this most important meal of the day (surprise! It is not breakfast!), some typical Spanish liquor, such as licor de hierbas or crema de orujo. You understand now why we need a siesta after lunch? But the eating fest is not yet over; around 7pm it merienda time, which is the late afternoon snack. People here usually eat a sandwich but also often a sweet snack, such as a palmera de chocolate (omg sooo good!) with a coffee. Dinner starts after 10pm and is much lighter than lunch. Our favorite way of having dinner is going to one of the many food markets in Madrid with a group of friends, order some beers and a bottle of wine and stroll the stand ordering the most delicious snacks we can find to share amongst our group of friends. What better way to share a creative, fun and yummy meal with the people you love?


We also want to give you this experience when you are in Madrid. Therefore below we are sharing with you the most special food markets in Madrid with a description, so you can decide yourself which one is best for you and your friends.


Mercado San Ildefonso

This food market just opened its doors in the summer of 2014 and therefore is one of the newer food markets of Madrid. In the seventies, this building was the host of an actual market where people could do their daily groceries. The modern space has three floors and gives you the feeling or a true street market as you could see them in New York City. Although they do not serve hot dogs, they do serve high quality Spanish products, such as the delicious ham from Arturo Sánchez. Walk by the 18 food stand and take a seat with your snacks and drinks at one of the high tables in the middle. This mercado also has a beautiful lighted terrace and a patio for the hot summer days. Mercado San Ildefonso is located very nearby Mad4You Hostel in the trendy neighborhood of Malasaña. Malasaña is known for its alternative bars, vintage shops and young visitors. Therefore, this food markets fits very well in the atmosphere of this neighborhood. The address is: Calle Fuencarral 57, Metro stop: Tribunal, Opening times: every day from 10:00am to 01:00am.


Mercado San Antón

This food market is a place that is loved by everybody who has visited it. It is located in the heart of Chueca, the trendy gay area of Madrid. On the ground floor of this mercado you can buy products of excellent quality, such as bread, veggies, fruits, exotic cheeses and gourmet hamburgers. Upstairs you can eat tapas with a good glass of Spanish wine at one of the bars of the tapas stands. There is also international food available, such as freshly made sushi. The big surprise of Mercado San Antón is its rooftop terrace which comfy sofas. The excellent place to have a drink and relax. This terrace also has a restaurant where you can choose products from the market and have the chefs of this restaurant prepare them for you the way you like! The address is: Calle Augusto Figueroa 24, Metro stop: Chueca, Opening times: Monday – Sunday from 10:00am to 10pm and Sunday from 10:00am to 3pm.


Mercado San Miguel

One of the most famous markets in town (and one of our favorites) is definitely Mercado de  San Miguel. The location is top notch (Plaza de San Miguel, just next to the beautiful Plaza Mayor ) and even the architecture of the market would leave you breathless. This market is all about eating, as the majority of its stands serve ready-to-eat tapas, pastries and snacks and its popular among both tourists and Madrileños . Personal recommendation from our staff: check out the Paella stand (how cool are those huge pans full of delicious yellow or black rice?), the croquetas stand (who doesn´t love deep fried delights?) and the home-made sangria stand. Do note that the stands with food start cleaning up around 9pm and the market comes more a place for drinks. The address is: Plaza San Miguel, Metro stop: Opera or Sol, Opening times: Sunday – Wednesday from  10:00am to 00:00am and Thursday – Saturday from 10:00am to 02:00am.


Platea Madrid

Platea Market is, without a doubt, the most original one: imagine an old movie theater turned into a gourmet market and restaurant! You can find all sort of food here, not just Spanish cuisine. The menus do offer typical Spanish dishes but you will also find Mexican, Italian, Peruvian and Japanese food. The center stage is located on the main level and is surrounded by stands that offer different gourmet products. An awesome plan would definitely be finding a table at the main level and, while tapeando, being entertained by a cool live show! It is important to know that Platea is one of the more expensive food markets, so be sure to bring a full wallet. And if you are there, you should also stop my Mama Framboise, a lovely coffee house in the same building as Platea, with the most delicious pastries you can imagine. The address is: Calle Goya 5-7, Metro stop: Goya, Opening Times: Sunday – Wednesday from 12:00pm to  00:30am and Thursday – Saturday 12:00pm to 02:30am.


Mercado Anton Martín

If you are an organically-grown-food lover, then this market is for you! Mercado de Anton Martín is located in the super ethnic barrio of Lavapies, and it perfectly reflects the neighborhood’s bohemian personality.   Inside the two store market there is even an area dedicated to cooking demonstrations (how cool is that!?) and little shops that sell only local produced beers. The best part of this mercado? Upstairs there is a Flamenco School called « Amor de Dios », which means ¨Love of God¨, so this market  is definitely a Spanish as it gets! The address is:  Calle de Santa Isabel  5, Metro stop: Anton Martin, Opening times: Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm and Sunday closed.


Mercado San Fernando

Another awesome market in the area of Lavapies is Mercado San Fernando. Locals shop here every day (so definitely not a touristy spot) and the best day to enjoy this place is on Sundays: all sorts of people (from families with kids to young groups of friends) getting together and are having some tapas and cervezas, and if you are lucky enough in the central plaza of the market there might be a concert or a DJ spinning, so be ready to move your feet! Best Madrilenian atmosphere is guaranteed so make sure you check the San Fernando market out while in Madrid. The address is: Calle de Embajadores 41, Metro stop: Embajadores, Opening times: Monday from 9:00am to 2:30pm and from 5:30pm to 9:00pm, Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00am to 9:00pm, Friday from 9:00am to 11:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am to 5:00pm.


There you have it, all prominent food markets in Madrid. Have you seen one that you like? Let us know one Facebook! And after you have visited one (or more) please send us your pictures tagging #mad4you. 🙂

Are you hungry yet? Don’t be sad that this article is coming to an end. We promise you to share more food tips with you throughout our blog.

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We send you our biggest hug from an always sunny Madrid,


The Mad4You Hostel Team 😀