At Mad4You Hostel we love to celebrate Halloween to the fullest. The night of October 31st, everything becomes dark, spooky… and terribly fun.

During that night it was believed that the spirits of the dead walked among the living, and there were parties and sacred rites that included communication with the dead. In addition, it was usual to place a burning candle in the windows so that the dead « found their way. »

So, as you can imagine in Madrid, this October comes loaded with plenty of options to enjoy this celebration. Check out the following plans to celebrate Halloween in Madrid and choose yours.

Take out your best costume, because it’s time for HALLOWEEEEEN. Aauuuuuuu!


If you have still not tried any escape rooms, Halloween is the perfect time for it! For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, escape rooms are thriller activities and enigmas that take place in several rooms, where the participants get to feel like protagonists of an authentic movie. This group dynamic is perfect for a party like Halloween and in Madrid there are many escape rooms prepared for the night of the walking dead. There is no better way for Halloween night to fill it with mystery, secret missions and ghosts. If you want to live the experience to the fullest, we recommend you get your scariest costume out and make your reservation in one of the escape rooms in Madrid which you can find online.


A marathon of horror movies could not miss out in our list for Halloween. Watching several scary movies to not sleep that night is another perfect plan, especially the classics such as “Psychosis”,” Scream”, “Nightmare in Elm Street” …¡The list is endless! You just need a few things: a blanket, lots of popcorn and to be brave enough. Whenever you´re ready, you just have to press play.


Both the Madrid Theme Park and the Warner Park organize thematic animations for Halloween. The perfect plan to go with your partner, with friends or as a family on this spooky day!

Madrid Theme Park

If you want to live an intense sensation, during all the month of October until the first days of November, this park has organized five experiences of pure terror for the most daring:

The old mansion:  the spirits return, the infernal creatures return, the crypt awaits you.

Horror cinema Director’s Cut: Enter a mysterious screening room where the scary becomes more than the fiction.

Nosferatu: Humanity is protected from threats thanks to the Secret Order of Van Helsing, but the latest founds reveal the discovery of a bloodthirsty vampire.

« Thanatophobia » Hospital of the dead: you will enter an old asylum where everything you experience can be real or the product of your phobias.

The Walking Dead Experience: inspired by the famous series. In the Walking Dead Experience you can walk through places that will be familiar to you if you have seen the series, such as the hospital, the Governor’s house and the Terminus station or the jail.

Warner Park

On the other hand, the Warner park, on the 7th of October will start the most terrifying season of the year. In this theme it has four new terror passages, based on the films “The Conjuring”, “Friday the 13th”, “Freddy Kruger: New Nightmare” and “Ghost Town”.

Through the streets of the park, it will be full of characters who have arrived for this Halloween celebration, they will surprise you in every corner for those who might smile or scream. You have to choose: run away and save yourself or be brave and take a picture!

Also, there will be music and dance shows that will tell funny scary stories for all audiences. Are you going to miss out?


The streets of Madrid are full of mystery and spooky stories. There are many guided tours of the city of Madrid where you can discover enchanted places where paranormal events have occurred, plenty of haunted houses and legends of ghosts. Details such as these, we can discover in some of the special tours that take place on this special date that unravel the spookiest secrets. There are many routes from which you can choose, like the route of ghosts and haunted houses, crimes and murders in Madrid, enchanted palaces with the walking dead… Will you dare to go? Ready to be scared? Up to you!


Halloween is just around the corner and the time has come to dust off our best costumes to confuse the terrifying creatures that appear in Halloween. What better way to spend this night hopping on to a panic bus? The panic bus is a version of the well know “Party Bus”, but with a twist. There will be three challenges aboard that will make it even more exciting. The ticket can be purchased for 25€ on and it includes a forty-minute tour, dance floor on wheels and at the end you will go to a club. Check it out for yourself!

You are coming to the end of this blog article this month. We hope that we have entertained you, taught you and, most of all, made you enthusiastic to come to Madrid and get ready to spend Halloween to the fullest during your stay in Madrid.

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