Madrid is well known for its art, and we do not refer to its museums, its sculptures or its architecture, but rather its street art. And Madrid is full of it!!

Throughout this blog, we will mention a few areas in the city where you can find some impressive works of art. Check out our list of places to explore Madrid if you are searching for beautiful street art, and the best bit is that you don’t have to go too far to see the city´s most captivating murals.  So, our advice is that you keep your eyes wide open to spot our favorite graffiti and street art, because they are waiting, there on the street, anxious to be found. And bonus: you won´t have to pay a cent to admire them. So, what are you waiting for?


We will start off with the Tabacalera in Embajadores. The area around the Tabacalera (once a tobacco factory, now this space is full of workshops related to photography, dance, yoga and other creative hobbies) is covered with street art, created by twenty-five different artist paying particular attention to an urban nature theme. Once a year, the artists redecorates the walls. This project is called “Muros Tabacalera” and it is dedicated to bringing a new kind of awareness into the city, on different issues we live on daily basis.

The neighborhood of Lavapiés and Embajadores has some of the best works of street art in all of Madrid, and “Muros de Tabacalera” is the ideal place to start your route through the area.


The streets in the center of Madrid are full of art, but if you want to find the biggest and most impressive mural, sometimes you have to go to the outskirts. This is the case of “Mo Evolution” a mural by Okuda (Oscar San Miguel), where you will see the mural on a logistics company based in Villaverde Alto.

This mural was painted in support of “Movember” the international movement where men from dozens of countries in the world left mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness about male diseases and raise funds for research. So, it is natural that this mural brings together three of the most iconic whiskers in history: Charlie Chaplin, Gandhi, and Salvador Dalí.

To get there from the center, the fastest way is to take the metro to Villaverde Alto on the yellow line.



MURAL “ENTRE DOS UNIVERSOS” (Between Two Universes)

Did you know that one of the best works of urban art is not on the street, but on the subway of Madrid? Quite so! In the Paco de Lucía metro station to be precise. The station is the newest of Madrid´s metro network and stands out for its mural “Between two Universes”, a monumental work made by two of the most important Spanish urban art: Okuda and Rosh333.

It really is a masterpiece and it´s worth the trip to the end of line 9. It is the first time that urban art has invaded Madrid´s metro, something that is quite common in other cities such as Berlin or Santiago de Chile.

Do not miss it! Fingers crossed for more art like this.



In the hip district of Malasaña, you can find all sorts, such as vintage clothing stores, tattoo studios, bookstores, terraces … but the street art in this neighborhood also has a lot to tell. The Plaza de Callao, Espiritu Santo street and other areas have been decorated with peculiar graffiti, some made by artists of international fame such as the Parisian C25 or Ze Carrion.

So we must mention in our monthly blog this great artist, Guemy, also known as C215. He has left his mark on the streets of Malasaña. Just a few steps from our hostel, we can admire this beautiful stencil graffiti. This famous artist normally designs pieces to bring the people of the streets to fully focus in his art. He says “I place in the streets people and elements that belong specially to the streets. I like to show things and people that society aims to keep hidden, such as homeless people, smokers, street kids…” His pieces cover walls all over the world, places like New York, Sri Lanka and Palestine. So, while you are walking through the streets of Malasaña, keep your eyes wide open to not miss his impressive work.

EL REY DE LA RUINA (The King of ruin)

We must make special mention to one of the most famous artists in the neighborhood of Embajadores, Toni Arribas, also known as “El rey de la ruina”. His best-known work is located on the site of Embajadores street. Nothing more and nothing less than a mural of four hundred square meters for which he used approximately one thousand kilos of paint!  His work is a tribute to all the women who fought and fight to make society an equal and a free place. He highlights the famous phrase of the writer and politician Rosa de Luxemburgo who says, “Socially equal, humanly different, totally free”. In addition, the broken dagger that appears in his painting symbolizes the defeat of the patriarchal order and the heart represents the beauty of the struggle for a more human world.  What a great message! Don´t you think?


In this mythical building in the neighborhood of La Latina, you can do much more than lose yourself among its stalls and surroundings. Both inside and outside the market is full of graffiti from some of the most talented artists. The reason why we must mention this market in our blog, is because the exterior of this building has quickly become one of the world’s biggest street art mural. Boa Mistura, is the name of the group that made this market come alive, covering it with art. They have dyed each one of the domes of this market of a color: red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple, that remind the colors of the products and foods that we can find in the interior of the market. What a great idea!

These are just a few of the works of art that you can find walking down the streets of Madrid, but don´t worry, because there are a lot more!! Hidden, waiting for you to discover them.

We can conclude that numerous artists have already left their mark on different parts of Madrid, turning it into an open-air museum and one of the best places to enjoy urban art in all its splendor. Without a doubt it is worth visiting. So, whether you are an expert in street art or a beginner, today we suggest you take a tour of the best graffiti you can find in Madrid.

In short, Madrid will not stop surprising you!

You are coming to the end of this blog article this month. We hope that we have entertained you, taught you and, most of all, made you enthusiastic to come to Madrid and admire art from the most exciting districts in the whole of Spain.

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